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Cheryl Hines Blasts Husband RFK Jr. For ‘Anne Frank’ Comparison at Anti-Vax Rally

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" actress tweeted Tuesday that her husband’s remarks during an anti-vax rally were ”reprehensible and insensitive”
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RFK’s Son Slams Parole Panel’s ‘Grievous’ Move to Free Assassin Sirhan Sirhan

Joseph P. Kennedy II says he hopes the parole board will reverse its decision to free his father's killer after 53 years

Why Bobby Kennedy’s Run for President Is Still an Inspiration

Before he was assassinated 50 years ago, RFK had set out to end division in the U.S.

A New Shepard Fairey Mural Is Going Up as We Speak, and Here’s Where to Find It

It's part of a massive endeavour to bring street art to a school in Koreatown

Video Village With Ask Chris: Movies Filmed at the Ambassador Hotel

This supercut of classic L.A. movies finds Jean Harlow, Jack Nicholson, and Johnny Depp mingling at the lost landmark—and then Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a horse through the lobby