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The World According to Nikki Haskell, High Society’s Perennial Party Girl

The stock broker turned talk show host turned Studio 54 fixture was known for always being in the right place at the right time—until she got behind her old friend Donald Trump

Some of Robert Evans’s Fascinating Hollywood Artifacts Are Going Up Auction

The late legendary movie producer's estate is hitting the auction block this month

Before He Died, Legendary Producer Robert Evans Made One Final Push to Stay in the Picture

The charismatic Paramount chief who ushered in Hollywood’s golden age with ’The Godfather’ and ’Chinatown’ clung stubbornly to the tropes of his glory days as his life wound down
robert evans chinatown interview

In a Never-Before-Published Interview, Robert Evans Talks ‘Chinatown’: ‘We Weren’t Sure If We Had a Disaster on our Hands’

In 1999, while recovering from a stroke, the notoriously media-shy mogul talked the film that would be a high point of his career

Meet The Humamis

Sure, umami is best known as a food lover’s term, a musky, pungent “fifth flavor” that’s complex, hearty, and just a little funky. There’s a human version of it, too