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Rest Stop Ideas for Your Drive to Palm Springs

While some bemoan the new home of a beloved freeway fruit stand, we offer up alternatives

Two Brothers Are Crossing the Continent in an Old Timey Model T

Driving from Michigan to California at 35 mph

The Definitive Guide to Eating Your Way to, and Through, Big Sur

We guarantee enlightenment or, at least, divine nourishment

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We'll show you to the best spots to sleep under the stars, from the coast, to the desert, to mountain peaks

6 Responsible Things to Do Before You Hit the Gas

Car keys come with maintenance needs

It’s Time For A Road Trip

The stereo’s on and the road hums as a wildly diverse landscape lights up the windshield. As to where you’re headed, we have a few ideas that take you up the coast, through the desert, into the ancient, and on to the new. So buckle up. It’s going to be a memorable ride

L.A. to Baja

Within easy reach of the beach town of Ensenada—and a growing array of vineyards—Valle De Guadalupe is wine country like no other

L.A. to Borrego Springs

The zoo is great, but if you hug the coast to Torrey Pines before cutting into the Anza-Borrego desert, you’ll discover a region filled with less-touristed charms

L.A. to Camarillo and Palm Springs

Catching factory fever on a binge that stretches from Camarillo to Cabazon Springs

L.A. to Mendocino

Falling for the quintessential seaside town of Mendocino, on California’s hidden coast