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L.A. Craft Beer Legend Sam Samaniego Passes Away

Farewell to the Stuffed Sandwich’s Sam Samaniego, affectionately known as the “Beer Nazi”

Lou Reed’s L.A. Culture Collide

Performing in L.A. in 2008, Lou Reed played none of his hits. He occasionally peered up from his instrument, his visage forever caught somewhere between a scowl, a smirk, and a smile.

Remembering A.C. Lyles

Wisdom from the longtime Paramount producer, who passed away on Friday

R.I.P. Elmore Leonard

Acclaimed writer Elmore Leonard, who was known for a number of crisp, cool crime novels that became Hollywood flicks, has died.

Remembering J.J. Cale

He shunned the spotlight, didn’t play out a lot, didn’t give interviews, only had one almost-hit but try to find a current rock, folk or Americana fan who didn’t know his name.

The Jazz Baroness of Strawberry Drive

Last week, the Los Angeles jazz world lost one of its most ardent and influential patrons, journalist Mimi Melnick.

A Mob-Size Talent: The Best of James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini was a versatile character actor who was shining onscreen before–and after–he hit it big on The Sopranos.

Journalist Michael Hastings Died in a Car Accident in Los Angeles This Morning

The writer-reporter whose 2010 profile of General Stanley McChrystal effectively ended McChrystal's career was 33.

Huell Howser Memorial: Next Tuesday

Although his family had said there would be no public service or memorial, word comes from councilman Tom LaBonge's office that the city will honor Huell Howser with a tribute.

Eating with Huell Howser: A Tribute

Eddie Lin remembers what it was like to be a guest on Huell Howser's show, and learning that the man you saw on TV was the real deal.