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The Oscars in the Desert: The Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala

In the past three years, 28 of the 31 winners honored were nominated for Academy Awards
Matt Damon

The Martian Leaves Matt Damon Stranded on Mars

The first official trailer has landed

Ryan Gosling is Signing Up for the Blade Runner Sequel

Does Ryan Gosling dream of electric sheep?

Map Out Your Weekend in L.A. Right Here

From a film festival in the desert and a punk rock birthday party to a bookstore sleepover and a classical Viennese New Year’s concert

Her and Us: How Spike Jonze’s New Movie Gives L.A. the Future Blade Runner Couldn’t

If you haven’t seen the Golden Globe-winning film yet, here are a few hyper-local reasons to do so

The Essential Movie Library #21: Blade Runner (1982)

Dismissed by critics and the public it became to movies what The Velvet Underground & Nico was to music.