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Rideshare Drivers and Labor Groups Are Suing to Overturn Prop 22

They claim the measure violates the California state constitution

A New Rideshare Option Is Coming to L.A.—and It Employs Its Drivers

Texas-based Alto is positioning itself as a safer—and, yes, pricier—alternative to Uber and Lyft
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California’s “Gig Worker Law” Has Passed, but Uber Says It Shouldn’t Have to Comply

The tech giant has been fighting the controversial labor bill for months
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A Battle Is Brewing Over Those Digital Billboards on Rideshare Roofs

An L.A. city councilman wants to stop blight, but rideshare drivers say they'll lose out on extra income
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Frustrated L.A. Rideshare Drivers Protest Uber’s Latest Painful Pay Cut

Local drivers were barely scraping by—then the app cut their rate by 25 percent

It Looks Like Metro Is Creating Its Own Mini-Uber

The transportation agency is pulling out all the stops to revive ridership

Tools to Tame the Savage Uber Passenger

The company is testing out new coping methods for unruly riders

Newest Uber Service Adds Interesting Element: Walking

The Hop option looks to replicate bus, train service

What the Uber Ruling Really Means—Today—For Your Ride

The California Labor Commission could change how the juggernaut does business
Uber For Kids

The Uber For Kids Has Arrived, Courtesy of Three L.A. Moms

No more choosing between an afternoon meeting and ballet class