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Everybody Comes to Rick’s

Rick Caruso and Chef Michael Mina packed Bourbon Steak Los Angeles at The Americana at Brand for opening night

Caruso’s Next Long-Term Project: The Children of Watts

The developer and his wife have committed $5 million to helping the under-served kids of South Los Angeles

Truffle Dumplings and Pot Stickers Galore at the Newest Din Tai Fung

Rick Caruso calls Din Tai Fung at The Americana at Brand in Glendale his "crowning achievement."

Big Shots: Rick Caruso

In the eighth episode of “Big Shots With Giselle Fernandez,” Fernandez sits down with the L.A. developer, who opens up about his last-minute decision not to run for mayor, his political affiliation, his plans to take the trolley beyond the Grove, and more.

Party At Nordstrom

How to open a big ol’ fancy store the right way.

Get Smart: Highlights From The Global Conference’s Talk on Building Better Cities

Dan Biederman, Rick Caruso, Richard Daley, Scott Smith, and Meredith Whitney on how cities work, what they need, and what they should be doing better.

Will the Man Behind the Grove Remake the Rest of L.A. in His Own Image?

Developer Rick Caruso’s knack for building high-end shopping centers is matched only by his ability to pour on the charm

Morning at the Farmers Market

As a massive shopping mall rises around them, Farmers Market habitues like Paul Mazursky, Selma the Mayor, Dr. Helen, and The Loudmouth hold court