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If You Support Karen Bass or Rick Caruso, Your Candidate Won the Mayoral Debate

Cityside Column: The finalists throw darts as election day approaches but neither was particularly inspiring on the debate stage

Rick Caruso’s Latin Quarter

He’s trailing Karen Bass, but can The Grove owner turn the tide by winning over Hispanics?

The Karen Bass Gun Burglary Raises So Many Questions

Cityside Column: Details are slim in the latest unpredictable aspect of the mayor’s race but it certainly isn't great for Rep. Bass

The Next 61 Days of L.A.’s Mayoral Race Will be a Slugfest

Cityside Column: It’s go time for Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. For the next two months, L.A. politics is going to get white hot

The Calm Before the Second Rick Caruso Storm is Ending Soon

Cityside Column: The billionaire developer and mayoral candidate ceded the summer to Karen Bass. Don’t expect him to be quiet much longer

Election Day is November 8—L.A.’s Donor Vote Is Happening Now

Cityside Column: A look at the cash raised by city candidates in the first runoff reporting period

How Karen Bass Won the Summer

Cityside Column: The Congressional rep’s busy-bee schedule has earned a lot of headlines, while Rick Caruso has been generally quiet

The L.A. Mayoral Race Has Gone From Sprint to Marathon

Citywide Column: The mammoth 154-day span between elections presents opportunities and challenges for Karen Bass and Rick Caruso

How a Recall of DA George Gascón Could Reshape the L.A. Mayor’s Race

Election officials in L.A. County are now verifying the 715,833 signatures to recall the embattled district attorney, who has been accused of being soft on crime.

Six Ways Karen Bass and Rick Caruso Can Win L.A.’s Mayoral Race

Cityside Column: The candidates advanced to the runoff but each needs to step up their game.