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Several L.A. Business People Have Been Included in Trump’s Economic Revival Groups

Rick Caruso and Elon Musk are on the enormous list of business types the White House released
rick caruso los angeles mayor

Mall Mogul Rick Caruso Is Considering Running for Mayor

The man who gave L.A. the Grove wants to lead the city
olivia jade lori loughlin scandal

Olivia Jade Found Out Her Mom Was Charged with Scheming Her Into USC While On Rick Caruso’s Yacht

Olivia Jade was apparently spending spring break with Caruso's daughter when she got some very bad news

With Palisades Village, Caruso Tries Something Different

The newly opened outdoor mall is not the Grove
palisades village caruso los angeles

An Early Look at More of What’s Coming to Palisades Village

Rick Caruso announces another round of tenants

The Billionaire Businessman Behind the Grove and the Americana at Brand Joins Kasich Campaign

Rick Caruso thinks John Kasich is moderate enough to appeal to the blue state of California

Rick Caruso Gifts Employees Google-Like Perks

The real estate developer is offering his corporate staff ”the gift of time”
Forbes 400

Meet the 26 Local Billionaires Who Made the Forbes 400

Elon Musk, Eli Broad, and Steven Spielberg are among Los Angeles’ richest

Six Bitmoji Only Angelenos Will Understand

Eric Garcetti can’t even