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How Money and Hollywood’s Elite Are Reshaping L.A.’s Mayoral Race

Ask Michael Bloomberg if millions in cash prevent a campaign flame-out. This year, for Karen Bass and Rick Caruso, the optics of association are critical.

Mike Feuer Drops Out of Mayor鈥檚 Race and Backs Karen Bass

City Attorney also takes shots at developer Rick Caruso

Mayoral Money: How the Candidates Fundraising Figures Stack Up

Cityside Column: Big bucks are flowing, and everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Frank Gehry has a favorite candidate

Scenes From the Snippy L.A. Mayoral Debate

Cityside Column: Five candidates show up and get tougher as election day nears

How Rick Caruso Spent $23.78 Million on His Mayoral Campaign

Cityside Column: TV ads! High-priced consultants! Flowers! A look at where the money went

Rick Caruso Bans George Gasc贸n Recall Supporters from His Malls

Rick Caruso says he鈥檚 in favor of recalling District L.A. Attorney George Gasc贸n but he鈥檚 telling petitioners to keep out of his high-end shopping centers

The Karen Bass Mayoral Campaign Is Doing Just Fine, But Just Fine Could Be a Problem

Cityside Column: The onetime unquestioned mayoral frontrunner has lost momentum. Can she get it back?

Rick Caruso Missed About 40 Percent of Meetings as LAPD Commissioner

The billionaire developer and mayoral hopeful missed 53 of 139 regular and special meetings, an absentee rate of 38 percent

New Mayoral Poll is Fascinating Snapshot of Calm Before the (Political) Storm

Cityside Column: Caruso surged with his TV ad blitz, but things may change as election day approaches

Rick Caruso Overtakes Karen Bass in L.A. Mayoral Poll

The poll found that Caruso tripled his likely voters, rising from eight percent to roughly 25 percent and passing Bass along the way