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Why L.A.’s Next Mayor Won the Election Is Obvious—She’s Karen Bass

Cityside Column: Rick Caruso could have spent $500 million. Going up against this candidate at this time, he was destined to finish second

Los Angeles 2022 Election Results: Not All Progressives Are Created Equal

Cityside Column: The vote count as we start the week already says a lot about the city’s political present and future

Karen Bass Surpasses Rick Caruso in Mayor’s Race Vote Tally as Count Continues

Angelenos still have to wait days, or maybe even weeks, before the name of the city’s next leader is announced

Race For L.A. Mayor in Dead Heat Ahead of Next Vote Count Drop

The next vote count drop in the biggest race in L.A. arrives on Friday. The race between the two candidates is so close, they have already swapped frontrunner status once

Los Angeles Election Night Winners and Losers (and How Long We’ll Wait for Final Results)

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Live Blog: 2022 Los Angeles Elections

Ongoing coverage of news surrounding the voting and results in the 2022 elections for L.A.'s next mayor, sheriff, City Council seats and more

L.A. Mayoral Race Neck And Neck As Voters Head To Polls

Despite her win in the June primary, Karen Bass’s lead on Rick Caruso has significantly shrunk as voters head to polls

The Top 9 Most Compelling Races in the 2022 L.A. Elections

Cityside Column: Running down the Los Angeles matchups, based on which delivered the best drama and most entertainment value

Latest Poll Indicates L.A. Mayor Race Won’t End on Election Day

Rep. Karen Bass was still holding a slight lead over billionaire Rick Caruso on Friday… But it’s literally too slight to factor

The 2022 Mayor’s Race, in 22 Chapters (Part 2)

Cityside Column: How Los Angeles wound up choosing between Rick Caruso and Karen Bass