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Where to Find L.A.’s Most Instagrammable Neon Wall Art

Fluorescent #inspo is everywhere if you only know where to look

7 Things You Need to Do at This Weekend’s L.A. Art Book Fair

Hang with Lena Dunham's dad or bid adieu to Silver Lake's Circus of Books

Resident, DTLA’s New Music Venue + Cocktail Bar + Beer Garden, Opens Tonight

The cozy indoor-outdoor space invites all day and all night hangs

Must Do: Book Face Time with the Mayor

Eric Garcetti offers one-on-one office hours with constituents during the week to discuss L.A. politics and problems—maybe even potholes

Must Do: Break the Waves at Dawn

In the dark the ocean’s motion makes you feel like you’re bobbing weightlessly, euphorically, in space

Must Do: Decorate a Rose Parade Float

Watching motorized floral creations make their way down Colorado Boulevard is a time-honored New Year’s Day tradition. Bringing one to life is even better

Must Do: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

he age of exploration hums along at NASA ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which offers a three-hour tour that includes a stop inside the Spacecraft Assembly Facility

Must Do: Rose Garden Tea Room

Enjoy a proper English service at the Rose Garden Tea Room

Must Do: Sail the Santa Monica Bay

Fresh air, the open water, and the same view of the coastline (minus the Ferris wheel) that Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo had in 1542