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Oscar Red Carpet Hits and Misses

Lots of pale pink and more trains than a rail yard—a look at the Oscar's best, worst, and ho-hum dresses

L.A. Mag’s Big Gay Oscars: Live From The Abbey!

Tune into our Twitter feed for live red carpet and award show coverage, as we send 140-character-sound bite commentary from the Best Gay Bar in The World—The Abbey!

The Latest Body Part to Obsess Over: The Thigh

The thigh was the limit at last night's Grammy Awards. In light of a new wardrobe advisory, celebrities let their legs loose in gowns with slits up to there.

The Craziest Looks of Grammys Past

As CBS issues Grammy Awards "wardrobe advisory" and threatens to rain on the red carpet with dress rules, we look back at some of the wildest ensembles of the award show's past.

Director Paul Feig’s Red Carpet Rules for Dudes

The funny guy director of Bridesmaids gets serious about black tie.

Jury’s Still Out: Jessica Chastain’s Dress

Loved the color, hated the fit? The award for most divisive gown at the Golden Globes goes to...

Red Carpet Review: Fat is the New Skinny For Dudes

Lots of ties with girth spotted at the Golden Globes last night...

Double Stick Tape: It’s Not Enough

How is it that we have a convoy of rovers circumnavigating Mars, but nothing exists to suitably hold up a pair of ta-tas for a few hours? Welcome to red carpet tug season...