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Essential Cocktails: How to Make, and Where to Find, the Perfect Martini

A step-by-step tutorial on how to make the perfect martini, plus where to find one in L.A. should you not be so DIY-inclined. This is the first in a series of articles aimed at presenting a proper how-to on what we feel to be essential cocktails.

Recipe: Butternut Squash Fritters—an Annual Tradition at Little Dom’s

Each January, the Los Feliz restaurant celebrates its anniversary by frying up a batch of these sugar-dusted puffs.

Champagne Cocktail Punch Recipes for New Year’s Eve

Some of L.A.'s top punch makers were kind enough to share their recipes for Champagne punches perfect for any New Year's Eve shindig.

Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas In Tinseltown

Check out Shirley Booth's pumpkin bread recipe

Beer Nog: The Christmas Drink That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

In checking over Julie Andrew's list of her favorite things, I don't see commercially produced egg nog on there. And if you'd like to know why, it's because it tastes awful.

Recipe: Convert Egg Nog Haters with Mohawk Bend’s “Egg Not”

The Echo Park restaurant's vegan version of the classic Christmas drink

Recipe: Caulfield’s “Superfood” Breakfast

Breakfast of champions, made with sunny side-up eggs, onions, mushrooms, kale, avocado, and Sriracha, with a side of blackberries.

Hot Knives: Kohlrabi Latkes Recipe Plus a “White Christmas” Beer & Cheese Pairing at Eagle Rock Brewery

Veggie bloggers The Hot Knives share their kohlrabi latkes recipe and a "White Christmas" beer & cheese pairing at Eagle Rock Brewery.

Recipe: Sotto’s Cauliflower and Almond Zuppa

Steve Samson and Zach Pollack share their soup weather recipe.

So, Twinkies Stuffing is a Thing…

Hostess might not close after all. Need to use up those stockpiled Twinkies? How about making a Thanksgiving stuffing with 'em? Yes, seriously.