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‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: The WTF Hall of Fame

It’s possible one day we’ll look back on "The Crash" as the exact moment when "Mad Men" jumped the shark.

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10, Episode 2 Recap: The Motor City

The judges embrace their silly side as the auditions continue in Detroit.

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10, Episode 1 Recap: Hooray for Hollywood

The summer's hit dance show is back for season 10, and it’s just as exciting—and alarming—as ever.

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Don Draper, Meet Christian Grey

She needs him, and nothing else will do.

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Sterling Cooper 3.0

The words "written by Matthew Weiner" during opening credits have taught Mad Men fans to hold onto our hats, but little could have prepared us for this episode.

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Two By Two

RECAP: In an episode that featured the worst disaster this season, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Mad Men’s characters stayed afloat by pairing off—into some very odd couples.

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: The One About Not-So-Free Love

RECAP: Let "To Have and To Hold" henceforth be known as the love-under-lock-and-key episode, or the one in which Don descends to his least tolerable this season.

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Politics Gets Personal, Or History Repeats Itself

RECAP: "We just keep saying yes," Don warns darkly in one of the final scenes of "The Collaborators," "because we didn't say no to begin with."

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: “The Doorway”

It’s good to have the gang back.