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Rick Caruso Bans George Gasc贸n Recall Supporters from His Malls

Rick Caruso says he鈥檚 in favor of recalling District L.A. Attorney George Gasc贸n but he鈥檚 telling petitioners to keep out of his high-end shopping centers

Gasc贸n Recall is Being Funded by Hollywood Power Players

Once dismissed as a Trumpist sideshow, the campaign to recall the controversial DA is being bankrolled by a surprising list of progressive donors
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Newsom Recall Supporters Have Turned In Enough Verified Signatures

A recall election now appears a near-certainty

Angelyne Is Eyeing a Run for Governor (Again)

As Gavin Newsom faces a possible recall, he can count on having at least one colorful challenger
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Majority of California Voters Oppose Recall of Newsom, Poll Finds

Republicans remain the primary base of support for the recall movement
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A Dem May Have to Jump into the Race as a Newsom Recall Looms

If the recall election moves forward, experts and insiders say a Democratic challenger will likely enter the fray
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Gavin Newsom Has Unleashed a Big-Name Anti-Recall Campaign

Facing a likely recall election, California's governor enlisted Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others for the Stop the Republican Recall movement
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The Newsom Recall Effort Is Pitting the GOP Against Itself

Republicans jockeying for a California gubernatorial run are going after one another
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Is Gavin Newsom Blowing It?

Dining out during lockdowns. Fumbling the vaccine rollout. With a recall effort gaining steam, California鈥檚 once-golden governor is fighting for his political life
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Want to Bet that Newsom Gets Recalled? Bookies Say the Odds Aren’t Good

Oddsmakers around the world are placing bets on the future of California's governor