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shirley weber

California’s Top Elections Official on What You Need to Know About Voting in the Recall

Secretary of State Shirley Weber talks same-day voting options, Proposition 17 and what it means, and more
gavin newsom

A New Poll Indicates the California Recall Isn’t Likely to Succeed

Likely voters who oppose the Republican-led effort to oust Governor Gavin Newsom appear to far outnumber those who are for it
gavin newsom

What California Voters Need to Know About the September 14 Recall Election

A hugely consequential recall race is underway. Have questions? We have answers
stephen miller

Larry Elder Once Said He’d Like to See a Stephen Miller Presidency

The gubernatorial recall candidate was once a mentor to the architect of Trump’s "zero tolerance" immigration policy

The Mad Dash to Get Angelyne on the Recall Ballot

A member of the L.A. billboard queen's campaign staff recalls an emergency journey to Sacramento

Opinion: California, Just Say No…to Becoming Florida

A political veteran worries the recall election could open the door to DeSantis-style leadership—and a never-ending COVID nightmare
gavin newsom

Gavin Newsom Looks to Hollywood Pals for Last-Minute Recall Survival Push

A report from THR outlines which showbiz luminaries are coming to the Governor's rescue as the election looms
recall candidates

Meet Some of the Most Colorful Candidates on the Recall Election Ballot

With the recall election just weeks away, we compiled a list of the gubernatorial hopefuls who stood out the most on a lengthy ballot
larry elder recall

Larry Elder Says He “Never Brandished a Gun” at His Ex-fiancée While High

The Republican recall frontrunner denies an allegation from his ex that he flashed a piece at her while he was stoned in 2015
gavin newsom

Two California Voters File Suit, Claiming the Recall Election Is Unconstitutional

The plaintiffs in the case either want the election called off or the rules changed