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A New Poll Shows the Recall Election Could Be Tight

California voters who are likely to vote in the recall in September appear to be nearly split on ousting Governor Gavin Newsom
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Larry Elder Will Appear on the Recall Ballot—and He Already Leads the Pack

A poll shows that the conservative talk show host has a ten-point lead on the next-most-popular Republican challengers
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Gov. Newsom’s Party Affiliation Won’t Appear on the Recall Ballot

A clerical mistake became a losing battle for California’s governor
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Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Keep Gov. Newsom From Being IDed as a Dem on the Recall Ballot

The Republican gubernatorial hopeful filed a motion today to join the fight to prevent a "D" from appearing next to Newsom's name in September
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Caitlyn Jenner Suggests Moving Unhoused People Into ‘Big, Open Fields’

The Republican gubernatorial wannabe lobbed out the idea during an interview this week
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California Sets a Date for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Recall Election

On Sept. 14, voters will decide whether to keep or boot their Democrat governor
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When Will the Recall Election Take Place? It’s Becoming a Big Point of Contention

With Gavin Newsom's approval rating high, Dems want the recall election to be held sooner than later—but elections officials are asking the state to slow down
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An Attorney Repping Recall Advocates Once Worked with the Judge Who Ruled in Their Favor

The judge who granted the Gavin Newsom recall campaign extra time to collect signatures didn't disclose that he used to work alongside the recall campaign's counsel
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Yet Another Poll Indicates California Voters Aren’t Likely to Oust Newsom

As COVID conditions improve, it doesn't look like the Republican effort to recall the governor is likely to succeed
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Recall Candidate John Cox Is Being Investigated for Bringing a Bear to San Diego

The Republican recall hopeful's beastly bid to paint himself as a tough guy has raised the eyebrows of animal activists and law enforcement