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Leaving Los Angeles

Leaving Los Angeles

The dream of living here comes at a price. A writer contemplates parting ways with the city he can no longer afford

Airbnb Renters May Soon be Slapped With New Rules, Regulations, and Taxes

City Councilmen Mike Bonin and Herb Wesson are out to monitor short-term rentals in L.A.

The City Council Would Rather You Not Build That McMansion You’ve Been Designing

Home buyers and developers with outsized dreams and funding may be held to new “mansionization” restrictions soonish

Stan Lee is Not Actually Selling His Home, Per Se

The comic book master clarifies one point about the real estate property that just hit the market

Where Would the Simpsons Live if They Moved to L.A.?

This month, TV’s favorite animated family takes the Bowl. Here’s where we think they’d settle down if they ditched Springfield