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Liev Schreiber Pulls Double-Duty Directing the Next Episode of Ray Donovan

Catch the actor’s television directorial debut this Sunday—hopefully his kids approve

Jon Voight Wasn’t Always a Winner

We had some fun chatting with the Emmy nominee at the Ray Donovan season two premier in Malibu last night

“Ray Donovan”: A Messy Business

Hollywood’s flawed fixer is back. The art of betrayal on the Showtime hit

Showtime’s Holiday Party

Where all your favorite premium cable show folks go to celebrate the season

My LA To Z: Paula Malcomson

The Irish-born actress—best known for roles in Lost, Sons Of Anarchy, and The Hunger Games—stars in Showtime's newest series, Ray Donovan (premiering June 30th). Here, the L.A. transplant tells us where to find great theatre, five-dollar abalone cocktails, and the best DMV in town.

Ray Donovan: Premiere Party As Good As The Show

The Ann Biderman creation starring Liev Schreiber prems on Sunday.