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Rapper Feezy Lebron Wants $10M from LASD for Threatening to Kill Him

L.A. rapper Feezy Lebron has filed a claim for $10 million against LASD and a deputy who apparently threatened to murder him on camera

Suspect in Shooting Death of Rapper PnB Rock Named

The LAPD named suspect Freddie Lee Trone in the murder at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles
nipsey hussle crenshaw projects

Nipsey Hussle’s Fans Reflect on What He Meant to Them and L.A. South of the 10

”When I heard about his passing, I was sad. I lost my soul. I lost a piece of my mind.”

Why You Should be Listening to Mexican-Born, L.A.-Based Rapper Niña Dioz

The Latinx emcee's message is powerful in any language