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Harvey Weinstein Trial

Accuser Says Weinstein Raped Her Twice, 17 Years Apart, in Toronto

The alleged victim claims convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein told her, "My wife loves this. You’re going to love this,” before one attack

At Paul Haggis Rape Trial, Jane Doe #3 Alleges More Disturbing Behavior

The witness-accuser went as far as changing Haggis’s name on her cell phone from “Paul" to “Motherfucker" to more readily ID him

Accuser Describes ‘Disgusting… Humiliating’ Weinstein Attack in L.A. Rape Trial

“He’s not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. He’s not hot,“ Weinstein’s lawyers made sure to point out, on the record, to jurors

Jane Doe #2 Takes the Stand in Paul Haggis New York Rape Trial

“This was not romantic, this was not flirtatious. It was terrifying,” screenwriter Haggis' unnamed accuser testified on Tuesday