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The Film Independent Spirit Awards are Like the Oscars, Only with More Sand and Swearing

You gotta love an award show with two Kates and a lot of Idris Elba

For Playwright Will Eno, Writing Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) Was an Act of Bravery

The Pulitzer Prize finalist gets a local production (starring Rainn Wilson no less) more than 10 years after its off-Broadway success

Free Kitty Cuddles Today on the Santa Monica Promenade

Make the most of your lunch break at SoulPancake’s #KittenTherapy pop-up, brought to you by Rainn Wilson

Nothing but Net Worth: 5 Celebrities Who Should Bid on the Clippers

Some of L.A.’s wealthiest dwellers have already thrown their hats in the ring, but when it comes to cool-factor and court-side appeal, we’ve got a few other folks in mind