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Round 3: More Winter Weather to Hit L.A. as Atmospheric River Flows Through California

Flooding, mudslides, more mountain snow, and strong wind are possible in parts of California north of and including Santa Barbara

California Storms Are Watery Hell, But Our Reservoirs Need Them Badly

The California deluge brings floods, damage and danger, but all that water is replenishing the parched Golden State's very limited supply

‘Atmospheric Rivers’ Will Continue to Plague CA, Threatening Epic Floods

Catastrophic flooding continues to wreak havoc in California, but all that water could benefit the state in the long run
Raining in Los Angeles

Three-Day Storm Expected to Bring Torrential Rain, Even Snow to SoCal

Water? From the sky? Yes, hot, dry, draught-stricken Southern California is about to experience weather like everywhere else
los angeles rain where does it go?

That Rain We Just Got? Most of It Went Right Down the Drain

L.A. had a particularly rainy winter, but most of it won’t be put to use

20 Bonkers Photos (and One Boomerang) of California’s Recent Lightning Storms

Thank Mother Nature and armchair storm chasers for these stunning shots
car wash range rover rain

A Week of Rain is Rough—Especially if You Wash Cars

For small detailing businesses, sustained rain can mean profits go down the drain
rain los angeles mudslide winter la

Rain Is in the Forecast for L.A.–and It Could Bring Dangerous Conditions

Recent burn areas will be particularly vulnerable
tropical storm rosa

Tropical Storm Rosa is Approaching. Here’s What That Could Mean for L.A.

Rosa is expected to make initial landfall Monday night

UCLA Climate Scientists Have Bad News for Californians

Experts predict our "drought-to-deluge" swings are going to get even more intense