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Did Malibu Ever Have a Railroad?

Well, sort of...

CityDig: Downtown’s Business District Gets Down to Business

This 1924 map shows off L.A.'s new shops, theaters, and landmarks at a time when spirits were soaring

CityDig: Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Mount Lowe’s Enchanting Defunct Railroad

This 1913 map shows a railway that was even more enchanting than Angels Flight
Railroad Museums

Best Railroad Museums

Five places to check out the iron giants that once ruled L.A.

CityDig: When the Railroad Rumbled Through Old Town Pasadena

For more than a century, this was a regular sight in Pasadena: a passenger train rumbling through the city’s commercial district, crossing busy Colorado Boulevard and bringing traffic to a halt

DispL.A. Case #56: Angels Flight

The history of Los Angeles as told through 232 objects.