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[UPDATED] Culture Shot: Harry Shearer Returning to L.A. Radio

Harry Shearer says he will soon return to the Los Angeles airwaves.

Q&A: Meet Non-Profit Web Radio Collective Dublab Soundsystem

These L.A.-based DJs give us the low down on their non-profit operation and their unorthodox (but awesome) radio ideology.

Le Show Host Harry Shearer Moves On

KCRW dropped the axe on his 30-year-old radio show last week. What's next for the L.A. institution?

Harry Shearer on His Unhappy Split from KCRW

Beyond the shock of the news there was the abruptness of Shearer's departure. Now it's clear the breakup between wasn't mutual.

Dishing on L.A.: Radio’s Gourmet Shock Jock Tom Leykis

Love him or hate him, Tom Leykis is an L.A. radio mainstay. But in a world filled with so many decadent choices, what does the showman enjoy once the mics go off?