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The Short, Unhappy Life of Quibi

Just a few months and upward of a billion dollars since its launch, Jeffrey Katzenberg's foray into streaming content is kaput. A look back at what went wrong
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Quibi Is Reportedly Kaput, Shutting Down Just Months After Its Splashy Launch

Audiences never sank their teeth into the "quick bite" streamer
chrissy teigen chrissy's court quibi are judge shows real

Insiders Say Quibi May Have Been Doomed from the Start

A new article delves into behind-the-scenes drama between two 60-something alphas—Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg—trying to run a company for millennials
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6 Shows That’ll Make You Want to Download Quibi

A Reno 911! reboot, a thriller about a rideshare nightmare, and more

Which Streaming Services Do You Really Need?

Let our handy flowchart be your guide
chrissy teigen chrissy's court quibi are judge shows real

Yes, Rulings on Chrissy Teigen’s Judge Show Are Actually Legally Binding

We explain why TV court rooms have real-life consequences
what is quibi

Quibi Is Almost Here. Will Audiences Bite?

Short-form streaming app Quibi is betting on bite-sized attention spans