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What Should You Do on New Year’s Eve?

Let this helpful flowchart dictate your evening

Time Frame: the Queen Mary 66 Years Ago and Now

Back when the ship roamed the seas, teenagers worked as the bellhops, including this uniformed group setting sail for three months in 1949
Weekend in L.A.

10 Ways to Put a Twist on Your Weekend in L.A.

Impressionist cinema, dystopic opera, tattoos, and L.A. Pride

NYE Aboard the Queen Mary

Ring in the New Year with an unforgettable night aboard an ocean liner.

Slide Show: Chill at The Queen Mary

Two million pounds of carved ice have landed in Long Beach


Inspired by The Nutcracker, the Queen Mary presents a kingdom of ice sculptures accompanied by a skating rink, a cute gift shop, and a Christmas village

Scene It Before: The Queen Mary from He’s Just Not That Into You

Long Beach’s most famous onscreen star turns 80 this month

Long Beach Funk Fest

Just the name sounds fun

11 Ways to Spend Your Weekend: Morrissey, Bagels, Psych Rock, Summer Movies, and More

It's not unusual to spend a summer weekend at a food festival. Or exploring the music of Laurel Canyon. Or listening to Cassandra Wilson. Not unusual at all

Sorprendente at Oliverio, Mother’s Day Roundup, and More!

A guide to the upcoming week's most delicious happenings