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‘Shall We Play a Game Once More?’ Conspiracy Troll Master ‘Q’ Returns

“Q,” the mysterious leader of QAnon, breaks 18 months of internet silence as SCOTUS scuttles Roe v. Wade and the 2022 midterm elections loom
matthew taylor coleman

Feds: A Santa Barbara Surf Instructor Says QAnon Conspiracies Inspired Him to Kill His Kids

FBI agents say Matthew Taylor Coleman confessed to violently murdering his two young children in Mexico to save the world from "monsters"
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QAnon Just Keeps Making Inroads into New Age Wellness Circles

New reporting reveals links between wellness influencers and Capitol rioters

QAnon Isn’t Going Away, It’s Going to Congress  

Conspiracy theorists convinced that there's a global cabal of pedophile cannibals are making major in roads in national politics
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Facebook Cracks Down on Some of the Biggest QAnon Accounts

One now-defunct group had upward of 200,000 members and a massive reach on the social platform
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Inside QAnon, the Conspiracy Cult that’s Devouring America

A fast-growing group of celebrity-crazed conspiracy theorists believes JFK Jr. is alive, Adam Schiff runs a sex ring on the Sunset Strip, and Donald Trump is God—and it's more influential than you think
mueller hearing adam schiff opening statement

Internet Trolls Are Peddling a Poorly Faked Photo of Adam Schiff and Jeffrey Epstein

Creeps in the internet's darkest corners keep coming up with wild ways to smear the California Rep leading the impeachment hearings