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A Sideline Report on “Eyes on the Ball”

For her December feature about the growing sport of girls’ club volleyball, Los Angeles magazine managing editor Ann Herold covered one local team for the better part of a year. Now she opens up about the game’s impact on young female athletes and her own experience under the net

Dishing on L.A.: Wil Wheaton

You may know Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gordie from Stand by Me, or a fictionalized version of himself on The Big Bang Theory. I reached out to him to learn a little more about the things that make his stomach happy.

Q&A: The Road Taken

For years Suzanne Rico was the morning anchor at CBS2. Then in 2010, she abruptly got fired

The Bare Method: Inside our Plastic Surgery Cover Story

Plastic surgery seems to be a topic everyone has an opinion on. But “The New Face and Body of Plastic Surgery” doesn’t champion or denigrate the industry’s trends. Was this topic harder than most to approach with an open mind?
Yes, particularly because I came in with my own judgment on the topic—superficial, grotesque—and had to shake that off to approach this in a fresh way. I realized plastic surgery is treated in media usually in one of three ways: endorsement, circus act, or horror story. I didn't want this to be an endorsement of plastic surgery because a list of "Best Plastic Surgeons" is not at all the editorial mission of an L.A. mag story.  I didn't want the circus act of "twins getting face-lifts!" because that's stuntwork, not journalism. I didn't want to do horror stories of surgery gone wrong, because that's just a cheap way to exploit a reader's emotions and it's an insult to their intelligence.  

Rocket Man: A Q&A With Space Shuttle Photographer Dan Winters

Dan Winters, whose photographs of Endeavour appear in the October issue of Los Angeles magazine and in Last Launch, his soon-to-be-released photo tribute to America’s space shuttle program, tells us how he captured such detailed shots of the engineering feat in motion:

Jodie Foster Sums It Up

She’s focused, she’s critical, she’s downright mathematical. After so many movies, she knows how things work and why they don’t.