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15 Minutes With…Visual Artist Blue the Great

Blue’s been putting ideas to canvas for over a decade. Now, his work continues to gain appreciation within many niches of the art world—and at eBay

Sandra Tsing Loh: It’s Time to Admit Our Cars Are a Mess (and That’s Okay!)

The NPR host and performer discusses her new audiobook, menopause, and finding vermin nesting in your Volvo

Q&A: Mikhail Baryshnikov Arrives at the Broad Stage—Without His Dancing Shoes

The world-renowned star is appearing in two Anton Chekhov plays

5 Questions for Foxygen, the Little Neo-Psychedelic Duo that Could

We caught up with the Westlake Village band between their two weekends playing Coachella, where they debuted songs off their upcoming album

Q&A: Opera Queen Renée Fleming Takes on Los Angeles

Turns out the Super Bowl and the LA Opera do have something in common

Celebrating the Legacy of Fred Astaire with American Contemporary Ballet

This weekend the troupe veers from classical pointe work and turns to ballroom dance

Freezing People Isn’t Easy and Bob Nelson Should Know; He’s the Most Famous Failure in the History of Cryonics

After his first attempts turned disastrous, Bob Nelson changed his name and dropped out of sight. Now he tells his side of the story in the memoir "Freezing People is (Not) Easy"

Chef Ramiro Arvizu on Being 100 Percent Mexicano

The chefs behind La Casita Mexicana are set to open Mexicano, a new restaurant, this June

James Franco Talks About his New Book of Poetry, His Writing Mentor & Being on Lindsay Lohan’s List of Lovers

"It's something I love, and if people want to judge my poetry through the lens of my acting then there's nothing I can do about that"

Be Seated: Colman Andrews Talks About His New Book, Dining Trends, & L.A. Restaurants

The prolific food writer's new book, My Usual Table, is out this month