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lacma redesign parking lawsuit

The LACMA Redesign Faces More Pushback—This Time Over Parking

A neighborhood group has filed suit to oppose a planned parking structure
metro subway purple line beverly hills donald trump

Beverly Hills Activists’ Final Hope to Stop the Subway? Trump.

A new petition asks the President to personally detour the Purple Line

Subway Planning Needs to Address the Dreadful Walking Experience Around Stations

Getting to the Grove and Beverly Center from the new Purple Line stops should be a pleasant walk, not a perilous scramble

Metro Construction Has Unearthed Some Impressive Fossils—And Not Where Scientists Expected

They were warned about disturbing the ancient mammoth burial ground

Metro Gets Serious About Arts District Rail Station

Formal study on adding a stop (or three!) could start soon

Beverly Hills Finally Loses Its Crazy, Stupid Subway Battle

Feds grant $1.6 billion to Purple Line extension, which will take it to Century City and beyond

Our Dream ‘Infill’ Metro Stations, From the Arts District to the Hollywood Bowl

We may get a new stop on the Green Line, but there are other areas crying out for rail
Metro Paleontologist

L.A. Archetype: Metro Paleontologist

Kim Scott has tunnel vision when it comes to history, digging up what’s below the surface
Purple Lin

Wilshire Blvd. Gets a Temporary Redesign For Subway Construction

Work on the La Brea station shifts into overdrive