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Beverly Hills Is Negotiating to Get a Bathroom at the Rodeo Drive Station

Beverly Hills wants several atypical amenities from Metro
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Beverly Hills Activists’ Final Hope to Stop the Subway? Trump.

A new petition asks the President to personally detour the Purple Line

Subway Planning Needs to Address the Dreadful Walking Experience Around Stations

Getting to the Grove and Beverly Center from the new Purple Line stops should be a pleasant walk, not a perilous scramble

Beverly Hills Finally Loses Its Crazy, Stupid Subway Battle

Feds grant $1.6 billion to Purple Line extension, which will take it to Century City and beyond

8 Thrilling Ideas From Metro’s Huge Transpo Plan

The transit agency hopes voters get with a $120 billion plan to improve mobility

6 Semi-Serious Ideas for Wilshire Boulevard’s Endangered Medians

Palm trees are great, but how about a ski lift?
Wilshire Boulevard

Say Goodbye to the Towering Palms of Wilshire Boulevard

Metro made plans for the removal of 140 street trees in the Miracle Mile but a group is fighting to save them

Wilshire Boulevard Will Truly Be a Multi-Modal Street (In a Decade)

With a commitment from the feds, L.A.'s main drag takes a big leap forward