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Mr. Garcetti Goes To Washington

In what was his inaugural trip to D.C. since taking office, Eric Garcetti went to bat for our city, hoping to procure federal funds for the L.A. River Alternative 20 plan as well as subway and light rail projects

The Great (Looking) Escape: A SoCal Train Tour

I hit the rails for a SoCal train tour this Labor Day weekend. Here, sartorially speaking, is what it looked like

The Pickup Line: All About West Hollywood’s New Free Weekend Night Trolley

An early look at new transit option offering bar-goers (and everyone else) a safe, free ride down Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday and Saturdays nights starting this weekend

CityDig: When the Trolley Came to U.S.C.

Construction workers discovered a remnant of the city’s old streetcar network earlier this month when they unearthed streetcar rails underneath the blacktop pavement of McClintock Avenue.

Daytripping From Downtown to the Valley in 1924

After World War I the use of automobiles boomed all over Southern California and by the ‘20s cars were faster and more dependable—but getting anywhere depended entirely on good direction.

Lights, Camera, Traction!

Take a journey inside a luxurious mobile abode.

CityDig: DayTrippin’ on The Pacific Electric Trolley

This familiar map by D.W. Pontius, traffic manager of the Pacific Electric streetcar system, has appeared many times in many sources

CityDig: The Mt. Lowe Railway’s Thrilling, Terrifying Circular Bridge

Call it 19th-century L.A.’s idea of a thrill ride. Leaving the safety of the granite slopes, trolley cars raced out onto a creaking, cantilevered wooden trestle, soaring over a 1000-foot sheer drop—with no reassuring seat belts or safety bars.

Of All The Cities In the Country With Terrible Traffic, L.A. is #1

You're not imagining things; traffic is getting worse

CityDig: The Trackless Trolleys of Laurel Canyon

Los Angeles later earned its reputation as a car city, but in the early 20th century it was a laboratory for innovative transportation technologies. In the hills above Hollywood, trackless trolleys brought real estate development to Laurel Canyon.