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Grateful Dead

Marilyn Monroe has endorsed cars. Humphrey Bogart's face is on slot machines. Fred Astaire has danced with a vacuum. W.C. Fields sells everything. These stars may be among the dearly departed, but they're earning more money than ever, thanks to the strange but lucrative business of deceased celebrity licensing

“This Is Amazing!”

Do you mean to tell us that every week nearly a million people watch Huell Howser’s shows on KCET? Wow! We had no idea that a guy from Tennessee could become L.A.’s biggest booster. If this piques your interest, come on along

The Price Is Right

Why Wall Street loves Dave Gold's 99 Cents Only empire

The Ballad of Music Man Murray

For 50 years Murray Gershenz has sold 78s and CDs, LPs and Edison cylinders. He's a near-lone holdout in an age when music exists as bytes on an iPod. At Music Man Murray, equal parts archive, personal collection, and record store, every sale is a good-bye