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A Rare Genius

What makes a great conductor? One music critic assesses the career of Gustavo Dudamel

Herb Alpert: Always in Tune

How a nice Jewish boy from East L.A. launched the Tijuana Brass, sold more albums than the Beatles, and at 76 remains the coolest guy in the room

The Architect of Delight

Rolly Crump’s whimsical artistry has entertained generations at Disneyland. The famed Imagineer, now 81, holds forth on talking birds, small worlds, and the legacy of uncle Walt

The Pitch Guy

Some people carve out a career writing screenplays. Others get rich bringing them to life onscreen. Then there’s Robert Kosberg. His specialty? Ideas

The Man Who Tried to Make California Great Again

The Rise and Fall of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Manny Pacquiao

Freddie Roach Is the Best Damned Trainer Alive

Manny Pacquiao is just one of a ringful of boxing champions the ex-fighter has honed. What makes Roach so good?
Christian Audigier

The Sun King

He's responsible for the Von Dutch fad and the Ed Hardy craze. How long can fashion designer Christian Audigier reign?

Lens Master

In 36 exposures, we tell the life story in words and pictures of the charming, brilliant, and cantankerous architectural photographer Julius Shulman

23 Reasons Why a Profile of Pete Carroll Does Not Appear in This Space

An attempt at writing about the football coach

Broken Promise

Once the poster boy for Ping-Pong diplomacy, Glenn Cowan saw his dreams of glory fade away