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How This Guy Went From A Bottom Bunk in Jail to Top of A Melrose Sneaker House

After spending years in and out of prisons across the United States, Cole Richman decided to turn around his life
ed buck jackie lacey

WeHo Political Donor Ed Buck Gets 30 Years for Drug Poisonings

The West Hollywood political fixture has been sentenced to 30 years for crimes that led to the deaths of two young men
bedlam documentary jail mental health

A New Documentary Takes a Deep Dive Into L.A.’s Struggling Mental Health System

Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors, who appears in the film, calls its broadcast ”beyond urgent”
felicity huffman prison uniform

Get Felicity Huffman’s Prison Look

A paparazzo on prison duty caught a glimpse of what everyone’s wearing on the inside this season

L.A. Author Rachel Kushner Takes On California’s “So-Called ‘Justice’ System” in Her New Book

The local author on "The Mars Room," her advocacy work, and L.A.’s “blessed unknowability”

Mad Props: What to Know Before You Vote…About Prop 47

Will Prop 47 solve the overpopulation issue in our prisons?