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Eric Garcetti’s Exit Interview

In his last major interview from City Hall, Eric Garcetti gets candid on crime, race, the City Hall scandal and the highs and lows of his nine years as mayor

House Passes CROWN Act, a Bill That Bans Hair Discrimination

The bill has the support of President Joe Biden, but would still need to pass through the Senate amid GOP opposition

Why is the Term ‘Latinx’ Such a Loser Among Hispanic Voters?

The phrase might be the bee’s knees to far-left activists but many Americans of Latin descent think it stinks

Warning of Trumpism, Biden Tries to Help Newsom Run Up the Score on the Recall

Putting the recall race into perspective, the President told a crowd in Long Beach Monday night, “The rest of America is counting on you, and so am I"
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President Biden Heads to Long Beach Today to Stump for Governor Newsom

With a day to go until the recall election, California's governor is bringing the big guns to SoCal
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‘Awareness Is the Key’: L.A.’s Afghan Community Takes Stock of the U.S. Withdrawal

With the U.S. military out of Afghanistan and the Taliban in charge, Afghans living in Southern California are hoping Americans will finally educate themselves about a fraught situation
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If the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Fails, California and L.A. Lose Big

From erosion mitigation to a new Metro stop, here's what the state loses if a critical bill dies in the Senate
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What Now? With a Mayor on the Way Out, L.A. Plunges Into the Great Unknown

A leadership void when Eric Garcetti goes to India could have serious repercussions for the city
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It’s Official: Biden Taps L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti for India Ambassadorship

After eight years in office, L.A.’s mayor is poised to take an ambassadorship, leaving a void in city hall
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The Garcetti-to-India Waiting Game Has Pushed L.A. into Political Purgatory

Two months after rumors of an ambassadorship started circulating, Los Angeles still doesn't know if its mayor will stay or go—and that uncertainty could have ramifications