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Paul Haggis is Allowed to Blame Scientology in Sex Assault Trial

The ruling means that the church will also be an issue in next month's rape trial of Scientologist Danny Masterson

Judge Orders R. Kelly’s Prison Cash Seized to Pay for His Crimes

Sex predator Kelly's $27,828 is being confiscated to pay court fines and to support a fund for victims of sex trafficking

Victims of Alleged Hollywood Producer-Predator Eric Weinberg Speak Out

“It’ll be empowering for sure,” he texted one woman about an upcoming photo shoot, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her

Gabby Petito’s Parents Sue Utah Police for $50 million in Wrongful Death

The “officers failed in their duty to protect,” Gabby Petito from her fiancé Brian Laundrie, the lawsuit claims

CA ‘Detective of the Year’ Caught in Underage Sexting Sting

The Santa Ana Police Department veteran detective faces misdemeanor charges, a year in jail and sex offender registration if convicted