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Truckers’ Protest Grinds Commerce to a Halt at Port of Oakland

Waving American flags, the truckers constricted access to terminals at the port which handles 99% of the region’s containerized goods
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A Cargo Ship Jam at L.A.’s Ports Could Make Holiday Shopping a Pain

Even Port of L.A. director Gene Seroka has never seen a bottleneck like this before
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The Biggest Hospital in the City Just Docked at the Port of L.A.

The USNS Mercy will free up space in the city's medical centers for COVID-19 patients

Q&A: Brouwerij West’s Brian Mercer on Bringing Belgium to San Pedro

Get ready for pristine tripels, experimental wheats, and fruit-infused saisons when the brewery opens to the public on February 27

CityDig: How Los Angeles Annexed the Port on a Shoestring

This 1961 map shows off the narrow strip of land that ties L.A. to San Pedro and Wilmington
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Going Deep with the 25-Man Dive Patrol Keeping the Port of L.A. Secure

Keeping an eye on the docks is challenging enough; diving its depths to search massive freighter hulls or look for wrecks involves a type of police work like no other
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Q&A: Capturing the Los Angeles Port Police in Action

Photographer Spencer Lowell on spending a 14-hour day shooting the people who patrol one of the busiest shipping complexes in the world