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circus of books

A New Netflix Doc Looks at the Surprising Story Behind an L.A. Porn Landmark

Rachel Mason grew up not knowing her mom and dad peddled gay porn
pornhub awards 2019

The Pornhub Awards Return to L.A. for Another Year of Sex Positivity and Big Stars

Adult film stars will vie for the titles of “Tantalizing Twinkie,” “Blowjob Queen, and “Back Door Beauty” at the Orpheum this weekend

That’s What She Said: “Aroused” Heats Up Screens

Porn stars aren't stupid. Or evil. Or totally messed up. (At least not any more so than anyone else.) That's the thrust of "Aroused," a documentary that turns the lens on 16 prominent porn queens -- when they're not having sex.

You Are What You Watch: Found Footage Porn Thriller “Lucky Bastard”

In Lucky Bastard, his first feature film, director Robert Nathan explores a culture in which porn is both taboo and readily available