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Chef Farid Zadi’s Doner Revolution Hits Little Tokyo

On August 2, find Doner Kebab and NYC-style Halal chicken at this Angel City Brewery pop-up

Roy Choi and Jon Favreau’s El Jefe Pop-Up Comes to Animal

The two Chef stars team up with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo for a Cuban-inspired dinner

BÊP Kitchen’s Arty New Spot

The Vietnamese pop-up brunch has a new Downtown location to call home.

L.A. Food Events Worth Nibbling On: April 18 Edition

A guide to the upcoming week's most delicious happenings.

L.A. Food Events Worth Nibbling on

A guide to the upcoming week's most delicious happenings.

The President Will Eat Bison Today—Where You Can Eat Its Naughty Bits

The President will dine on grilled bison steak at today's inaugural luncheon. At L.A.'s Kali Dining you can eat the rest of it.

Crunch Time: Exotic Potato Chip Pop-Up Reveals L.A.’s Salty Side

An exhibit of potato chips from around the world makes U.S. snack offerings look Frito-lame.

Essential T: Guerrilla Tacos, and the Art of Taco War

Chef Wes Avila's pop-up taco cart in downtown is one of the most promising taco concepts by a non-traditional vendor here in the City of Angels.

Ten Dishes We’d Love to See at LudoBites 10, Announced Today

As he hinted during last month’s ALOUD panel with Roy Choi, chef Ludo Lefebvre will be holding his tenth (and maybe final) LudoBites pop-up at Gram & Papas on weeknights only from December 4 to 21. This time around, the meal will take the form of a best-of, featuring greatest-hits dishes from the past nine iterations of LudoBites.