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Veteran Prosecutor Pens Burn Letter to DA George Gascon On Final Day

Mark Burnley insinuated that his soon-to-be-former boss was incompetent—and his office is a ”managerial dumpster fire”
nancy pelosi drunk video

Nancy Pelosi Won’t Seeks Dem Leadership, But Is Staying in Congress

“For me the hour’s come for a new generation to lead the Democratic caucus that I so deeply respect,” Pelosi said

California Elects Robert Garcia, the First Gay Immigrant in Congress

Garcia, a Democrat who served eight years as Long Beach mayor, won 71 percent of the vote against John Briscoe

Tensions Rise Between Bass and Caruso in Fiery 2nd Mayoral Debate

The mayoral hopefuls sparred over homelessness, policing, and Scientology in Thursday’s election debate
california recall gavin newsom

Opinion: The California Recall Was Stupid, but Democrats Can Still Learn from It

Even though the long-shot attempt to oust a Democratic governor in a Blue state was a miserable failure, there are plenty of takeaways
larry elder

Opinion: The California Recall Just Got a Lot Scarier

Larry Elder, the leading Republican recall candidate, is reported to have made some big promises to the anti-abortion crowd
kamala harris losing support

Kamala Harris Can’t Find a Lot of Support, Even Among Her Supporters

Pennsylvania voters tell the L.A. Times they have misgivings about the VP’s political prospects
eric garcetti

How Some City Leaders Keep Piles of Cash Flowing to Their Favored Causes

Since 2000, local pols have propelled a staggering $117 million in so-called 'behested payments.' Here's a breakdown of where that cash is coming from and where it's going
mushrooms legal california

California Is One Step Closer to Decriminalizing Mushrooms, LSD, and Ecstasy

Trippy, man. A California bill to decriminalize possession of psychedelics is headed to the Assembly after passing in the State Senate
katie hill resigns

A Judge Dismisses the Daily Mail as a Defendant in Katie Hill’s Revenge Porn Lawsuit

The judge decided that nude photos taken and published without the former congresswoman’s consent are ”a matter of public interest”