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Medina Family Grieving

Family Sues Culver City PD for Fatally Shooting Man in the Back

Guillermo Medina's family filed a civil rights lawsuit after police responding to a domestic violence call shot him as he fled, killing him
george floyd protest how to support protesters

California Considers ‘George Floyd’ Law for Cops Who Don’t Act Against Police Brutality

The Los Angeles police union calls the proposal "misguided"
alternatives to calling police community protest

What Are the Alternatives to Calling the Cops?

Some situations may be more effectively addressed without the involvement of law enforcement. Here’s how to do it

Chief of Police Charlie Beck Answers Tough Questions About Police Brutality, Prop. 47, and the City’s Spike in Violence

Beck, whose family has been part of the department for three generations, wants to make the city safer and build public trust

How the New Police Commission President Plans to Keep the Peace

Crime and police shootings are on the rise, causing friction between the LAPD and the people it serves. Matthew Johnson wants to change that