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As Beyond Baroque Turns 50, L.A.’s Poetry Scene Is Thriving

Need more verse in your life? This guide will help

Amy Gerstler’s New Poetry Collection Explores the Overlapping Chapters of Life

Scattered at Sea strikes the perfect balance between logic and surrealism

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The former Southern Californian brings his verse-case scenario to Las Vegas

Meet Luis Rodriguez, L.A.’s New Poet Laureate

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James Franco’s Greatest Role May Be Playing Himself

In his new book, Hollywood Ending, it’s hard to tell where the actor ends and the cartoonish public figure begins—which is precisely the point

An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle

The collages of Jess Collins that accompanied his poet and partner Robert Duncan’s works earned the duo infamy as modernist pioneers in the 20th century. This exhibition centers on...

L.A. Plans to Issue a Poetic License

Toss your beret into the ring; we nominate four candidates to be the new poet laureate of Los Angeles

James Franco Talks About his New Book of Poetry, His Writing Mentor & Being on Lindsay Lohan’s List of Lovers

"It's something I love, and if people want to judge my poetry through the lens of my acting then there's nothing I can do about that"

She Walks in Poetry: Caroline Kennedy at ALOUD

Think poetry is dead? Witness what celebrity can bring to an underappreciated art form.