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bill cosby

Bill Cosby’s Attorneys to Ask for Retrial of Woman’s Sexual Abuse Suit

Lawyers for Bill Cosby have filed court papers stating they will ask for a retrial of a Riverside County woman's lawsuit in which a jury found that the comedian...
donald trump hollywood disaster

The Biggest Loser: Why Donald Trump Couldn’t Hack It in Hollywood

Donald Trump spent years trying to make it as a Hollywood mogul. Nobody bought his act
la's most expensive real estate transactions

Zillion Dollar Listings: These Are the Priciest Homes Ever Sold in L.A.

It’s not just New York that’s setting real estate records. L.A.’s luxury home market is booming too.
The Gambler

Scene It Before: Villa de Leon from The Gambler

One of L.A.’s most misidentified buildings makes an appearance in the 2014 flick, which comes to DVD this week

The Playboy Mansion

The owner of one of L.A.’s most filmed properties turns 89 today

Is it True That the Playboy Mansion has a Private Zoo Permit?

Our in-house historian has the answer

Regrets, I Have a Few

It will take a lifetime to turn over every stone in L.A., even for someone who's covered the city her entire career