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brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift Is Getting a Big Boost from Social Media

Patients are heading to plastic surgeons in search of Instagram-worthy posteriors. Doctors can't work miracles, but they can strategically move some fat around
threading cosmetic surgery

Bored with Botox, Youth-Obsessed Angelenos Are Taking Up a More Prickly Procedure

A quick-fix procedure done with dissolving threads has emerged as an alternative to full-blown facelifts
plastic surgery masks

Masks Are Helping Plastic Surgery Patients Hide in Plain Sight During the Pandemic

As face coverings become the norm, some people are getting cosmetic procedures out of the way

Plastic Surgeons Reveal the Procedures Most Requested by Image-Obsessed Angelenos

Here's what people are having nipped, tucked, and sculpted
plastic surgery instagram

In the Social Media Era, Plastic Surgeons Have to Juggle Ethics and Instagram

For Ashkan Ghavami, doing nose jobs, boob lifts, and entertaining 362,000 followers is all in a day’s work

Meet Renée Zellweger 2.0

The actress credits a healthier, low-key lifestyle with her new look—not that it's any of our business

MamaLA: When Dr. Mom Isn’t Enough

Accidents happen, and it helps to have a plastic surgeon on speed dial when they do

The Bare Method: Inside our Plastic Surgery Cover Story

Plastic surgery seems to be a topic everyone has an opinion on. But “The New Face and Body of Plastic Surgery” doesn’t champion or denigrate the industry’s trends. Was this topic harder than most to approach with an open mind?
Yes, particularly because I came in with my own judgment on the topic—superficial, grotesque—and had to shake that off to approach this in a fresh way. I realized plastic surgery is treated in media usually in one of three ways: endorsement, circus act, or horror story. I didn't want this to be an endorsement of plastic surgery because a list of "Best Plastic Surgeons" is not at all the editorial mission of an L.A. mag story.  I didn't want the circus act of "twins getting face-lifts!" because that's stuntwork, not journalism. I didn't want to do horror stories of surgery gone wrong, because that's just a cheap way to exploit a reader's emotions and it's an insult to their intelligence.  

10 Things Besides Botox You Can Stick In Your Face

Fat Graft: Flab is moved from body to face. Results are permanent—so you’re a butthead forever.

Before the “After”

There’s much more to post-op healing than chilling on the sofa watching TMZ. Isabella Koretz and Karina Stavitsky, co-owners of the Pearl Recovery Retreat at the SLS Hotel, reveal the ugly truth