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Behind the Scenes at Coachella with Aloe Blacc

Take a peek at what the desert fest looked like for the soulful Southern California singer with a few of his personal snapshots

Spread Your Wings For Downtown Photo Shoot

Gary Leonard wants to take your picture Saturday morning.

Time To Dig Out Grandma’s Old Pictures Of East L.A.

County Library is on the hunt for historic images

Snap Judgments: Andy Warhol’s Polaroids Come to L.A.

If you can’t be famous for 15 minutes, you can at least be famous for a few square inches.

Documenting Dummies: Matthew Rolston’s New Photo Book

Photographer Matthew Rolston has shot pop stars, supermodels, and hundreds of leading ladues, but for his latest project, he turned his lens on subjects who were a little less lively and a lot more stiff: ventriloquist's dummies.

Quick Take: Talking Heads by Matthew Rolston

If Matthew Rolston’s high-concept images of celebrities made them look like living dolls, his take on actual ventriloquist’s dummies achieves the reverse effect.