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Documenting Dummies: Matthew Rolston’s New Photo Book

Photographer Matthew Rolston has shot pop stars, supermodels, and hundreds of leading ladues, but for his latest project, he turned his lens on subjects who were a little less lively and a lot more stiff: ventriloquist's dummies.

Quick Take: Talking Heads by Matthew Rolston

If Matthew Rolston’s high-concept images of celebrities made them look like living dolls, his take on actual ventriloquist’s dummies achieves the reverse effect.

The Genius Series: MacArthur Winner Uta Barth

Most of us pick up a camera to capture an image or preserve a moment. Conceptual photographer Uta Barth shucks this common usage and purposefully shoots photos that lack a subject.

Catch Them If You Can: The World’s Vanishing Cultures

Two men stand in thigh-deep water in a rippling lake, a heron perched on a reed hoop nearby as masks made from dead birds conceal their faces.

President Obama is Not Impressed

Thank you, internet. Photos like this are the reason you exist.

5 Questions for Explorer Wade Davis

Not only does Wade Davis have one of the best job titles ever -- Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society -- he has one of the most amazing home libraries in the world.

Horse Latitudes

Photograph by Jill GreenbergThis is not your daughter’s pretty pony book. In Horses (Rizzoli, 224 pages, $55), L.A. photographer Jill Greenberg celebrates the more sensuous qualities of these animals....

Lens Master

In 36 exposures, we tell the life story in words and pictures of the charming, brilliant, and cantankerous architectural photographer Julius Shulman