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Public Service Announcement: Meet Do Good Bus Volunteer Steve McIlroy

If you like being spontaneous as much as you like doing good, this program is for you

Public Service Announcement: Meet L.A. Food Bank Volunteer Mary Connors

Mary Connors has been sorting and repacking donated food items to help others since 2009

Public Service Announcement: Meet National Council of Jewish Women Los Angeles Volunteer Cipra Nemeth

The full time do-gooder on why she gives her time to the non-profit--and what she gets in return

MamaLA: Out With the Old, In With the Charitable Giving

How to turn spring cleaning into a lesson in philanthropy

Public Service Announcement: Meet Coaching Corps Volunteer Konrad Mueller

A 19-year-old USC student is the first do-gooder to be featured in our new philanthropy-focused blog series

AARP Announces Million-Dollar Partnership with L.A. Kitchen

AARP announces a three-year partnership with L.A. Kitchen, a nonprofit community kitchen and job training program due to open in summer 2013.