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First Look: Petersen Auto Museum’s Steel Ribbons

The structure is now as a sleek as a 'Vette on the PCH

Can You Match These Celebs to Their Favorite Sports Coupes?

For its newest exhibit, “The World’s Greatest Sports Coupes,” the Petersen Automotive Museum asked twelve famous car buffs to guest curate one sports coupe each – see if you can pair the person to his pick

Petersen Auto Museum to Become a Fiery Red Zebra

The corner of Fairfax and Wilshire is set for a major update if the Petersen Automotive Museum's revamp goes forward as planned.

Petersen Museum Opens the Vaults — And So Do We

The Petersen Automotive Museum recently announced it will open its "vault" (and by vault we mean parking lot), so that weekend visitors who pay an extra $25 can get a tour of the super secret cars the museum doesn't have room to display in its galleries.