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A Peruvian Chef Got Caught Bringing 40 Piranhas Through LAX

Netflix star Virgilio Martinez was detained for hours with the carnivorous seafood
best peruvian food in los angeles la best peruvian food

The Best Peruvian Restaurants in Los Angeles

Craving a taste of comida Peruana? Here’s where to get your lomo saltado fix

Report from Peru: Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Move over Europe, it's Latin America's turn in the spotlight.

On the Latin Beat: Five Places to Surf & Turf the Latin Americas in L.A.

From Argentina to Mexico, this is the meatiest tour around.

South American Cuisine in L.A. is Hot, Hot, Hot

Argentina’s Chef Francis Mallman Grills, Chile’s Chef Rodolfo Guzman Thrills, and Chef Alex Atala Filled UCLA’a Moore Hall.